About Us

Who we are

SteelSmith is a family owned and operated recycling and waste removal provider. We work closely with you to determine your waste management and recycling needs. Then we customize programs for the containment and removal of your industrial or residential waste and recyclables. We also optimize the value of recyclable metals. There are a variety of containment and transportation options including roll-off containers and semi-trailers.

With a knowledgeable staff ready to help you implement your waste disposal and recycling plan, we at SteelSmith hold ourselves to a standard of business practice significantly higher than others in our industry. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability, as well as our outstanding customer service. If you have questions about how we can help you with your project, let us know, and one of our professionals will be happy to assist you.

an image of the SteelSmith roll off truck picking up a dumpster for transport


Established Business

As a business that has worked extensively with some of the largest businesses in the Tampa Bay area, we pride ourselves in being an industry leader in waste management and recycling.

Family owned & operated

We are a friendly, family owned business who values you as a person. We realize that without you, we would not have a business. We pride ourselves in showing up on time and making your job easier.

24/7 assistance

We are here for you rain or shine, 24 hrs per day. When an emergency strikes, and you need a way to contain all the debris, we want to be the only one you think of calling.

Customized programs

We work with you to customize exactly how your waste or recyclables will be contained and removed. We're a proud supporter of the Waste2Energy program which helps convert trash into energy.


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