Special Waste

SteelSmith Handles All Your Special Waste

Special waste can be any material that, because of its physical, biological or chemical makeup requires special handling and procedures, or could pose an unusual threat to the environment, equipment, property, or the public health, welfare, and safety. From small containment to large, heavy-duty roll off dumpsters, we have you covered.  We also have container liners for loads of material that may require them.

If you are in the Tampa area, and are in need of a qualified company who can handle your special waste, please contact SteelSmith today.  

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A dumpster liner is nothing more than a very thick, gigantic garbage bag.  Sometimes it’s necessary to use a liner in a dumpster because contaminated liquids may leak out of the dumpster without one.  You probably wouldn’t want to see a roll-off dumpster driving down the road,  leaking who knows what hazardous liquids everywhere they go. We rely on dumpster liners to protect the environment from these harmful materials. It is also required by law to contain and encapsulate certain materials such as asbestos and insulation which have been found to be a health risk to the public. These heavy-duty dumpster liners are produced much like a garbage bag and are recyclable as well, and most are made of recycled resins. We depend on dumpster liners daily for some companies who produce daily liquid or semi-solid refuse.  These liners are essential for the daily operation and clean up processes of many companies. 

Heavy Duty Dumpster Liners are designed from a blend of high-quality recycled & virgin HDPE. The unique form fit design virtually eliminates tearing and puts several thicknesses of plastic at the bottom of the container and tailgate for added leak, dust and odor protection. These liners are ideal for transporting misc trash, bulk solids, sludges, all while keeping your job-site project clean. Ideal use for asbestos abatement, concrete sludge washout, transporting bulk solids, while helping with odor and or dust control. Environmental services and insulation containment. Dimensions – 22’x8’x8′ Thickness – 4 Mil.A