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Roll-off Dumpsters for Construction

SteelSmith provides low-cost, heavy-duty containers for large and medium-duty contractors. Our outstanding personalized customer service will outshine any big name company because a real person actually answers your call.  We see to it that the details are handled for you to take the stress out of keeping your job site clean. You will notice a difference when you work with SteelSmith because our team is dedicated to providing you with the best customer experience possible.  From our scheduling team to our professional drivers, we make the entire process go smoothly.   Our large inventory of different sized dumpsters allows us to be able to accommodate any sized commercial dumpster rental needs.  From small business to large local industries, we are able to support any job size.  We offer short-term commercial dumpster rental or long-term, ongoing roll-off container service. Choose SteelSmith for your dumpster rental or roll-off container services.

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Rental Dumpsters for Construction Debris Containment & Waste Disposal

Heavy-duty roll off dumpsters designed for the construction industry have several uses, from large-scale structural demolition projects to smaller select demolition projects. The many uses of our construction dumpsters makes them ideal for everyday projects listed below.

Roofing Jobs

  • Construction roll-off dumpsters and roll-off containers can be used to contain shingles and sheathing material from roof removal projects. Regardless the size, we have dumpsters that serve your company’s roll-off containers needs.
  • Easy scheduling: Order a construction roll-off dumpster 24/7
  • Helpful professionals: We can help you determine what size roll-off container will fit your need. Our team will also get detailed information on the placement of your rental dumpster and prepare our driver with that info. place your roll off container as close to your work area as possible.
  • Fast Service: We will have your roll-off dumpster delivered within one to two days of your order, or at the scheduled time per your request
A 40 yard dumpster illustration showing the comparison to a man standing beside it.
A roofing job in Brandon FL that needed a dumpster rental
A 20 yard dumpster illustration showing the comparison to a man standing beside it.
A yard clean up project that SteelSmith hauled the debris

Yard Waste Debris & Landscaping  Projects

Contractors and landscapers use our roll-off containers and dumpster rentals for yard waste debris removal in various landscaping jobs. Our heavy-duty construction roll-off containers make it easy for you to dispose of heavy trees, limbs or even large amounts of shrubs, grass clippings, small branches, leaves and other yard debris. Contact SteelSmith for your next project and see how one of our dumpster or container rentals can simplify your project cleanup. 

Different Sizes:

Get the right size dumpster for hauling away your specific yard debris. 

  • 10 Yard
  • 20 Yard
  • 30 Yard
  • 40 Yard

Easy loading:

With a rear door that can easily be opened, you can carry in heavy branches, or toss small brush over the low side walls of the dumpster.


We will have your roll-off dumpster delivered within one to two days of your order, or at the scheduled time per your request.

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What is Construction Debris?

Steelsmith can handle all types of construction waste for containment and disposal.  General non-hazardous materials that we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Drywall
  • Metals
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Packaging
  • Wood
  • Concrete
A 30 yard dumpster illustration showing the comparison to a man standing beside it.
A photo of a construction job where a roll off dumpster was needed in Brandon, FL

Professional Dumpster Rentals for Businesses

We understand construction waste debris removal can be aggravating and expensive, from the roll-off dumpster always being full and the drivers not showing up to the hidden fees charged to your business.

SteelSmith makes waste removal and recycling of your debris easy and affordable. We offer full waste disposal and recycling customize programs to fit your business needs. SteelSmith will provide will provide as many roll-off dumpsters and roll-off containers needed to properly contain your material onsite. We also pay close attention to your needs and provide outstanding service when it comes to roll-off container delivery, switches or final pickups for your material disposal.

Whether you need to rent a dumpster for a residential project or schedule a roll-off dumpster at a new construction site, SteelSmith has a huge selection of heavy-duty construction dumpster and container sizes to meet your waste disposal or recycling demands on your job site. Waste hauling, special waste containment, disposal, and recycling is what we do. Let’s get started! Contact us for a free quote (813) 210-1608

Do you need more information on dumpster sizes?

If you need help deciding which size dumpster you need for your next project, please call us and we will help you determine the best size for you.  

SteelSmith Has a Dumpster for Your Job.