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Getting rid of your old junk, decluttering your garage, storage unit, or office building has never been easier! SteelSmith makes renting a dumpster affordable and easy.  SteelSmith has added a new fleet of beautiful brand new dumpsters in all the most popular sizes.  The people in Brandon are so impressed with our always clean, freshly painted, not rusted, beautiful royal blue SteelSmith dumpsters.  As a result of how we treat our dumpsters, they know exactly h0w well we treat our customers!

Why Brandon Residents Love SteelSmith for Affordable Dumpster Rentals

The residents and business owners of Brandon, FL so impressed with SteelSmith’s dumpsters.  For instance, our dumpsters are clean, affordable, easy to load, and backed by the best customer service bar none! Most of all, when your fellow declutterers, organizers, and spring cleaners look outside on a beautiful sunshiney Florida day and see you easily loading up your driveway dumpster while they are overflowing their grey garbage cans, they will be super jealous of you!  You don’t see many people renting dumpsters in your neighborhood right? But really, it’s the easiest and coolest way to get the most work done quickly – and we save you a trip to the dump!

Another reason the residents of Brandon are loving SteelSmith is the fact that our dumpsters can be used to get rid of just about anything you want to get rid of.  Don’t want to haul it in your pickup truck? Don’t have a pickup truck? Hate driving to the dump? We got you covered. We take care of all of that for you. You just load it up with all the unwanted junk from your attic, garage, storage unit, or office and we haul it away for you.  Imagine how easy that would make your life! You don’t even have to think about calling someone to come help you – we are ready and waiting for you to tell us when it’s full and we will take the dumpster on our roll off truck and haul the waste away for you!

Other Amazing Ways to Use SteelSmith Dumpsters!

Decluttering with a SteelSmith Dumpster Rental in Brandon, FL is Easy!

Now that you’ve found SteelSmith and decided that we are exactly what you need to just get started with your decluttering project, it’s time to be the cool kid on the block and get that dumpster into your driveway.  The search for the best dumpster rental company is over.  The fun for you has just begun!  Imagine how awesome it will feel to get rid of all your junk once and for all!

Now that you’ve decided to get busy with your decluttering, de-junking or commercial construction job, pick up your phone and call us at 813-210-1608.  Talk to our friendly staff and let them know what day and time you would like it dropped off and SteelSmith will deliver it to you on time with a smile.

Once your beautiful blue SteelSmith dumpster has been dropped off, put on your lace-up shoes, grab a big glass of water, and get to work!  Once that baby is loaded up with all your unwanted junk, let us know and we will come remove it for you and dispose of it properly – saving you a trip to the dump!

How it Works - Brandon Dumpster Rental

No matter what kind of junk removal or decluttering project you have going on, you can use SteelSmith Dumpsters to get rid of it.   From construction waste and yard debris to household appliances and old furniture, SteelSmith hauls it away for you. All you have to do is call us at 813-210-1608 or fill out the contact form and we will schedule a dropoff.  Once the SteelSmith Dumpster has been delivered to you, just fill it up and then give us a call to come pick it up when you’re done.  It’s that easy!

Wherever you are in the Brandon area, SteelSmith will travel to you.  For all of your de-cluttering, waste hauling, and commercial dumpster rental needs, SteelSmith is your #1 choice for fast, reliable, prompt service!

Brandon FL

John Brandon and his family first moved to New Hope (now Brandon) area in August 1858 after John bought 40 acres of land. When John’s first wife died he decided to leave New Hope, leaving the land to his son James in 1867. Seven years later John returned with his new wife, Victoria, and bought another 140 acres of land. He built their house on the corner of Knights and Victoria St, which eventually became the town’s first Post Office.

During that time James and his wife, Joanna, also built a house for their family. Their house is still standing today, as Stowers Funeral Home located at 401 W Brandon Blvd, and serves as one of Brandon’s historical landmarks.

In 1890, the Florida Central and Peninsula Railroad came through the area, encouraging the people of New Hope to build a depot on Moon Avenue. Victoria convinced a civil engineer for the railroad to survey the area and lay out a town site. He surveyed 40 acres (160,000 m2) and prepared a map, and Victoria named the town Brandon, after her husband John Brandon. The main land mark Stowers Funeral Home is a famous land mark in Brandon, built by John Brandon’s son James.

During the 1920s, the eastern border of Brandon was Pinewood Avenue. Beyond that, was the Kingsway Poultry Colony, where chickens were raised during the winter to be sold in Ybor City. During the Great Depression, the poultry farms closed, and Brandon stabilized with a population of about 250 people.

Most local residents worked in the two orange packing houses in Valrico. The center of town remained at Moon Avenue and Victoria Street, where the train depot, post office, school, and grocery store were all located. For entertainment and everything else, the train to Tampa was the way to go, as only a few paved roads existed with most being dirt or shell topped, making the drive to Tampa very difficult.

World War II was an interesting time in Brandon, with little growth, but a definite edge as they had the food they raised on their farms. After the war, new businesses began to open again. A drug store and soda fountain at the corner of Parsons Avenue and Hopewell Road quickly became a popular teenage hangout. In 1950, Scogin’s opened their famous variety store on Hopewell Road, and in 1953, Brandon got its first doctor, Dr. V. R. Hunter.

During the mid-1950s, Hopewell Road (today’s State Road 60) was connected to Adamo Drive. Two additional lanes were added to State Road 60 through Brandon in 1958. This connection and expansion caused the community to boom, with 5000 people residing in Brandon in 1957 and 8000 three years later. While the Tampa Tribune’s 1890 prediction of Brandon becoming a bedroom community of Tampa came true, it just took 70 years longer than expected and the transformation occurred because of automobiles and not the train. Brandon’s population in 1975 was estimated to be about 45,000, second in growth to the area surrounding the University of South Florida. Neighborhoods sprung up north and south of State Road 60, and in the process Brandon swallowed up such communities as Bloomingdale, Dover, Durant, Lithia, Limona, Mango, Seffner, and Valrico. This greater Brandon area included 106,000 residents, supporting over 150 churches, and more than 5000 businesses. With such growth, people began to grumble about traffic along State Road 60 during the 1970s, and the grumbling (for good reason) continues to this day.