an image of the SteelSmith roll off truck picking up a dumpster for transport


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What is a Roll-Off Driver?

Roll-Off Trucks  ~ What is a roll-off truck?

SteelSmith Roll-Off Trucks in Tampa, FL

First, let’s look at what a SteelSmith roll-off truck is and then we will talk about what a roll-off truck driver does.  A roll-off truck is a fancy truck that has a hydraulic system on the back of it that allows a dumpster to be easily “rolled” onto its bed.   (see below)  The truck can then transport the containers to and from the dump or recycling areas to help businesses keep their job sites clean.

an image of the SteelSmith roll off truck picking up a dumpster for transport

Roll off dumpsters also called “containers” are delivered and parked at a convenient location of a job site and filled with waste material.  Roll-off trucks haul construction debris, recyclables, roofing job waste, and other unwanted junk to the proper disposal site.  Have you ever watched a roll-off truck in action? It is fun to watch these trucks pull the heavy containers onto the truck so effortlessly because a 40-yard dumpster weighs about 30,000 pounds.

The Job of a Roll-Off Driver

Waste Hauling for Commercial and Residential Customers

A roll-off driver is a person who gets to operate and drive these fancy trucks. This job involves heavy lifting as well as mounting and dismounting the truck several times each day. Drivers haul waste from commercial customers as well as residential customers to and from the dump or recycling facilities.

Roll-off Driver Safety & Responsibility

The job of operating and driving such a big, heavy-duty truck comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility.  Safety is of utmost importance, so drivers must be able to perform daily logs and inspections. Roll-off drivers must have a very safe driving record as well as the ability to communicate professionally with customers. The logs and reports must comply with local, state, and federal transportation regulations, as well as company policies and procedures.  These logs are for safety purposes and cannot be skipped.

What goes into a roll-off container?

Construction Waste Disposal

Waste, waste, waste, and more waste goes into a roll-off container! There are many different categories of construction waste.  Usually, when you think of a dumpster, you think of a construction site or a roof repair.  While construction waste is a very common type of use for a roll-off container, there are other uses for roll-off containers.  Kitchen remodels, office cleanouts and demolition projects are also times where a dumpster needs to be called in for support.  Having a dumpster on site just allows people to keep the job site cleaner and safer.

Estate Clean Out

Maybe you are just cleaning out your garage or maybe you’ve been tasked to handle the estate clean out after a loved one has passed away.  Most appliances can be put into a dumpster and so can most electronics, but it’s best to let us know if you have a lot of electronics to dispose of because sometimes there is a charge per item for these types of items. There are guidelines set up for the disposal of waste that protect the environment.  Some kinds of waste cannot be put into a dumpster and must be disposed of in a certain way.

Special Waste

One kind of waste that you may hear people talking about is special waste. By special we don’t mean the kind of special that is worth keeping; we mean it has to be disposed of in a “special” way.   There is a kind of waste called special” waste.  Normally it is not permissible to put special waste into a dumpster because it can be a  hazard to the environment if it leaks out.  However, if you have items on the list of hazardous materials please talk to us about this.  We may need to use a heavy-duty  dumpster liner that acts like a giant garbage bag for a dumpster.  Not only do they protect the environment from hazardous materials leaking out, but they help keep our dumpsters clean and nice.

Furniture Disposal Near me

Do you have a broken wooden chair that you need to get rid of? Does it takes up too much room in your trash bin? Wooden furniture is always fine, but upholstered furniture is not always allowed due to additional fees incurred for such items.  Wooden tables, chairs, desks, beds, dressers, stools, and more are always welcome for disposal.  Please check with SteelSmith before placing non-wooden furniture in the dumpster.

Storm Clean Up Dumpsters in the Tampa Bay Area

In Tampa, Florida, we live in the lightning capital of the US, and Florida is also the hurricane capital of the US.  With these storms, flooding can be a problem sometimes.   We hope you are never the victim of such a storm, but if you are, we have the perfect dumpster for hauling your storm debris and water damaged items.  SteelSmith will gladly set a dumpster in front of your home or business for as long as you need it to get your storm debris cleaned up.

SteelSmith Roll-off Truck in Tampa, FL

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